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Welcome to Ziafat!

Established since 1997, Ziafat is Lahore's most loved Traditional Desi Buffet Restaurant providing verity of dishes to its valued customers.  Ziafat is most famous for its Dinner Buffet, Lunch Cum Hi-Tea & Sunday Breakfast Buffet !

Ziafat also has catering company called Ziafat Caterers that provides complete catering solution at Ziafat Roof top or at your own place!  Call us now for bookings!

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Email: info@ziafat.pk
Phone: 0345-6789104, 105
26-H, College Road, MM Alam Road Extension, Lahore

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0345 6789 104 / 5 info@Ziafat.pk
Ziafat Restaurant Hygiene Food

Ziafat Restaurant Hygiene Food

Welcome to the Ziafat Restaurant Hygiene Food Blog! Here, we emphasize the importance of maintaining impeccable hygiene standards in food preparation and service. At Ziafat, we are committed to ensuring the highest level of cleanliness and food safety practices. Join us as we delve into the stringent measures we take to provide you with a safe and hygienic dining experience.

  1. Quality Ingredients: The Foundation of Hygienic Food At Ziafat, we believe that high-quality ingredients are the building blocks of hygienic food. We source our ingredients from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict quality standards. Our fresh produce, meats, and dairy products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet our stringent criteria. By starting with the finest ingredients, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our guests.
  2. Stringent Food Handling Procedures: From Kitchen to Table To maintain impeccable hygiene, our dedicated kitchen staff follows rigorous food handling procedures. We enforce proper handwashing protocols and require the use of gloves and hairnets to prevent contamination. Our kitchen surfaces, utensils, and equipment are regularly sanitized to eliminate any potential sources of bacteria or cross-contamination.
  3. Temperature Control: Ensuring Freshness and Safety Food safety is of paramount importance at Ziafat, and temperature control plays a crucial role in maintaining freshness and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. We closely monitor the storage, cooking, and serving temperatures to ensure that our food is properly cooked and stored at the right temperatures. From our hot dishes to our chilled desserts, we prioritize your safety and enjoyment.
  4. Hygienic Buffet System: Serving with Care For our buffet service, we have implemented a hygienic system to ensure the safety of our guests. Our staff is trained to regularly replenish and monitor the buffet stations, ensuring that the food is fresh and protected from contamination. We provide individual serving utensils for each dish, minimizing contact and ensuring a hygienic dining experience.
  5. Regular Inspections and Training: Continuous Improvement At Ziafat, we believe in continuous improvement and place great emphasis on regular inspections and staff training. Our dedicated team conducts regular audits and inspections to assess hygiene practices and address any potential areas for improvement. Our staff undergoes comprehensive training on food safety, hygiene protocols, and proper handling techniques to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.
  6. Guest Feedback and Transparency: Listening and Learning We value your feedback and strive to provide a transparent dining experience. We encourage our guests to share their thoughts and concerns, as it helps us learn and enhance our practices. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities, and we are committed to ensuring that every visit to Ziafat is a safe and enjoyable one.

Join us at Ziafat Restaurant, where hygiene and food safety are at the core of our operations. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your well-being is our utmost priority. Stay tuned for more updates, recipes, and insider tips on our food blog, where we celebrate the importance of hygiene in providing a memorable dining experience.

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